The Middle School Chronicles: Seventh Grade Edition

This girl is my absolute favorite. Meet my daughter Faith. It has been such a pleasure to share this journey with such an amazing soul. She is entering her seventh grade year in a new school, in a new city, which can be kind of scary, but she’s doing it with a fresh style and her forever sweet spirit.

Faith has been in front of my lens her entire life but of course the older she gets, the less she likes it. Sometimes it takes a bit of convincing to let me take her portrait. Most often she will model for me in full cosplay character and we’ll have a lot of fun. She has several different characters she plays and really enjoys the local Comicon events, so she can make a really interesting subject to shoot. I love these times when we can just play together and be creative. She recently offered to be my assistant on portrait shoots, I don’t think thats an offer I can pass up!

Watching a child become a young adult is both amazing and overwhelming. I miss the days when she was small and all the wonder that would fill her eyes. She is still as wonderful and beautiful as the day I first met her, and her unique perspectives on the world never cease to amaze me. I couldn’t be prouder to be her mother.


Berlin Green

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