Hi, I'm Berlin! I've got a burning passion for helping people grow their brands and share their stories.


As a marketer, I use years of professional experience to help small businesses create meaningful conversations with their target clients to build brand awareness, create customer loyalty, and ultimately create more revenue.


As a creative, I help you present the best image of you and your business, to tell the story you want to share with the world.

My mission is to grow small brands by showcasing thier personality and authenticity.


A work in progress generates its own energy field. You are pouring love into the work, infusing it with passion, intention & hope.

steven pressfield

Berlin Green

PUBLICIST • Photographer

I’m a mother, wife and the wearer of many hats. A soul searching yogi, and dedicated devourer of music, podcasts and audiobooks. Though I love being of service, I have a tendency to enjoy animals and plants more than many people.


I’m a Scorpio, introverted ENFJ, 6/2 Manifesting Generator, Type 6 ..... I’ve explored each of these tools and see them not as some personal definition, but as practical and thought provoking tidbits of guidance. I believe hard work, consistency and continuous learning are the keys to success.

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She puts in the work and gets it done. Everybody needs a Berlin.

Darin Delaney

Berlin Green

Located in Oklahoma City, OK • travels worldwide

Freelance creative & marketing professional specializing in helping brands of all sizes effectively communicate with their messages with creativity and authenticity.