There is something rather breathtaking about being in the presence of a strong, determined woman. A woman who pulls her peers up, rather than push them down. A woman who seeks to instigate, guide and encourage.

On this particular morning, I was fortunate enough to photograph one of these women. I’ve known Savanah for several years now; I’ve watched her change and grow in so many ways. She became an amazing wife, then an incredible mother and now an inspirational mentor and entrepreneur.

Growing up, Savanah was always the chubby girl, often tormented by her peers because of her weight. She started dieting at the tender age of 8 only to struggle with her weight, confidence and discipline into adulthood. In 2010 she took control, losing 50 lbs. in 8 months! After gaining a bit back during the birth of her son, Savanah set out to be the healthiest she’s ever been. She dedicated herself to her goals, focusing on nutrition and weight lifting and can I say WOW it paid off! She looks absolutely incredible!

Not one to stop there, her personal fitness journey turned into a passion for empowering those around her. Aside from her studies to become a fitness trainer and nutritionist, Savanah is starting a project encouraging women to embrace their health, love their body and feed their sexy soul by unleashing their inner Bad Housewife. She believes being you and feeling sexy doesn’t have to stop once you become a mother.

While following Savanah’s posts each week has certainly motivated me to take better control of my health and get back in the gym, she’s also been an inspiration for my work. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy all the time, but for the moments you don’t, I want to give you the photograph of yourself that shows you just how insanely gorgeous you are.

So thank you Savanah for allowing me to tell your story and create beautiful photographs with you. And a very special thanks to Natasha Shipley for her amazing makeup artistry and hair and Jane Cunningham for the use of her gorgeous home.

Berlin Green

Located in Oklahoma City, OK • travels worldwide

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